Frutas Ayaga S.A. is a company with 60 years of experience in this sector in the Región of Murcia (Spain).
We sell lemons ands other fruits: apricots and peaches (Saturn Peaches) of a high quality, inside Spain and other countries like France, Germany, Holland... Our product are freshness because we are near the lands we pick them up. We pack them carefully and paying special attencion to the presentation.




Our lemons and fruits are packed in cardboard and wooden boxes of aproximately 7 kg and 5 kg. (We can pack then in another formats for you, you have only to ask us). You can get our lemons in mesh bags of 5 kg. We use european pallet and anothers to transport them.

Our first brands are AYAGA y LA CEÑA.

If you ask us you can get the products with your brand.