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Sale of lemons and fruits to a vast market, national and international. Quality and Service.


Yellow lemon

Primofiori, Verna o Rodrejo.

Green lemon

Primofiori, Verna o Rodrejo.

Saturn peaches

Cariocas, UFO 3


Valencianos, Mirlo Blanco, Mirlo Naranja..

lemons and stone fruits.


We sell lemons throughout the year: varieties verna, rodrejo and primofiori, yellow and green. Mandarin clemenvillas in season.
In the stone fruit season, we have available to our customers different varieties of apricots. (Valencian blackbird, white or orange) and Paraguayans (UFO 3 or Cariocas).
Our products are collected in the area, that's why they always arrive fresh and with the highest quality in our customers.

We pay special attention to its handling, packaging and palletizing, because in addition to our products being premium quality, always presented and packaged correctly.
We can also provide you with a fast and efficient transport service.




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Primofiori Lemon
Verna Lemon